• We legalize electrical installations for premises open to the public, whether they are new installations that require the elaboration of a technical project and a certificate of management and completion of work that guarantees their agreement with the project, or old installations without documentation, in accordance with the Instruction 9/2012, of July 5, of the General Directorate of Energy, Mines and Industrial Safety, which establishes the rules of application for the registration of existing electrical energy receiving facilities, subject to the periodic inspection regime.

    Local public concurrence (shops, offices)
  • We legalize and carry out all the necessary procedures with the supply company for the registration of the electrical supply of your property, whether a private individual or a company.

    Binding Facilities
  • We carry out the management to carry out the new electrical supply of your property with the request for the supply, preparation of a technical project and presentation of documentation to official bodies and supply company. We study the most appropriate option in each case, supply by means of concrete or metal supports, overhead lines, underground lines, variants, transformation centers, etc., so that you can have electricity in your house, building or land, and give the option of performing the construction of the performance.

    Electric Distribution Lines
  • We legalize installations in dangerous atmospheres such as industrial parking, chemical warehouses, pyrotechnics, mechanical and painting workshops, car parks, etc. We prepare a technical project and a certificate of direction and completion of work that guarantees its concordance with the project.

    Local hazardous