• We carry out energy certifications for buildings, both for homes and tertiary buildings, new buildings or existing buildings. We prepare the energy efficiency certificates of the buildings, the corresponding verifications of CTE-HE0 and HE1 and carry out all the necessary procedures with the corresponding official bodies.

    Energy certifications
  • Currently, the vast majority of installations are either on or poorly regulated dimensioned, and this entails an excessive economic cost in energy consumption, can be, electricity, oil, or gas.
    Urbantec analyzes any energy-consuming installation for the customer to know exactly where it comes from what you are currently paying, and recommend any necessary changes to reduce these consumption to a minimum.

    Energy audits basic or detailed
  • Public administrations are providing support for tasks, changes or installations that involve energy conservation and introduction of new technologies.
    We will arrange all the necessary documentation to receive these grants can become 75% of the cost of installation or work done.

    Processing of grants
  • As energy managers, Urbantec makes service contracts as external controllers of its facilities so that at all times it is spending as little as possible.
    Negotiations are carried out with the supplying companies, periodic checks in the buildings or facilities, and the client is assured of not wasting money on energy.

    Energy and maintenance manager
  • As for the lighting, there is much work to be done across the country. The most common are inefficient systems that consume a lot of energy and give little light. This raises indispensably perform an audit to make light and economic changes in facilities with low consumption systems give much light. The savings to the council can reach 75% of its current electricity bill.
    Advice and implementation of LED technology

    Street lighting