• New engine that does not emit gases

    Researchers from the Polytechnic University of Valencia develop a new engine that does not emit gases that are harmful to health using ceramic membranes that separate oxygen from the air.

  • Tackle the Covid-19

    In order to deal with the Covidien-19 we have made the determination to work from home. In addition to the measures adopted to solve the urgency that we are experiencing today.

  • The European Union with the economic transition

    The European Union will allocate one billion euros to the ecological transition. A chronological line on future actions has been proposed and an energy and climate transition has been committed, and no nuclear energy project will be financed.

  • Green hydrogen is the fuel of the future

    Hydrogen is one of the candidates for renewable energy vector. It will become the fuel of the future and step by step will replace all current fossil fuels, thanks to its high energy density, 3 times higher than theirs.


    In accordance with the provisions of the CNMC, in a few months, the electricity bill will undergo significant changes for the user: the price of electricity will vary depending on the time it is consumed and different powers may be hired.

  • <br />New version of the LIDER UNIFIED TOOL

    The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda has updated the unified tool LIDER-CALENER (HULC). This version facilitates the verification of the CTE DB-HE 2019 and issues a report for the Energy Certification of buildings.

  • <br />A

    Researchers at the Institute of Photonic Sciences, located in Barcelona, ​​have discovered new properties of graphene. For the first time, they have implemented the "magic angle" and made amazing discoveries.

  • <br />Tempest Glory

    We give our support to the citizens and municipalities affected by the temporary Gloria, and especially to our land, the Ebro Lands. We deeply regret the floods and all the damage caused to our Delta.

  • <br />REBT update

    New update of the low voltage electrotechnical regulation, published in the Official State Gazette (BOE), in Resolution of January 9, 2020, which updates the Supplementary Instruction ITC-BT-02.

  • New material for energy saving

    A thinner material than a hair to create smart windows and save energy. It will allow both reducing the temperature of solar panels and computers and creating smart windows and reducing the air conditioning bill.

  • 12 year guarantee of the profitability renewables

    The Spanish Government guarantees 12 years the profitability of renewables with the approval of a decree that aims to guarantee a minimum profitability of renewable energy facilities affected by the cut of the previous government.

  • New Royal Decree amending the CTE

    A Royal Decree that modifies the Technical Building Code is approved to improve the performance of buildings and to guarantee the health, comfort and safety of citizens. In addition a new section to the DBHS is included.


    Our technical and professional team wishes you a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. May the new year bring you peace, happiness, projects and new dreams.

  • COP25 Climate Summit

    The COP25 Climate Summit becomes the longest in history with disappointing results to face the climate crisis the planet is suffering. The assisting parties do not reach any agreement regarding market regulation.

  • New Decree Law for the climatic emergency

    The Executive Government approves a Decree Law of urgent measures for the climatic emergency and the impulse to the renewable energies that includes the repeal of Decree 147/2009, that limited the implantation of wind and photovoltaic parks in Catal

  • 59a Fira de Mostres Amposta

    On December 5, the opening of the 59th edition of the FIRA DE MOSTRES AMPOSTA will take place. Visitors can enjoy 5,000 m2 of indoor exhibition and 25,000 m2 of outdoor. The Fira will take place in Hall 1 of October of the town.

  • Energy Efficiency Certificate

    Do you have to sell or rent your home or premises? We help you and facilitate the process. We prepare energy efficiency certificate and all the necessary documentation to be able to carry out the necessary procedure in each case.

  • Your business

    Make your dream come true. Now you can start your new grocery store, fashion, ... We prepare all the necessary documentation to process the opening of your establishment. We also perform all interior installations.

  • Subsidies to boost innovation

    The 2019 call to request Innovation Coupons and Industry 4.0 Coupons is open. It is time to boost your company in the digital transformation with grants and economic discounts of up to € 14,000.

  • Vehicle Approval

    New Resolution October 25, 2019, regarding the technical requirements required for the national approval of vehicles. We prepare vehicle records using regulated models and carry out all the necessary procedures to approve your vehicle.